Hey Everybody...Sorry for the stale news on this page.  It's time to dust off the cobwebs and put somethiing fresh up on the wall.  Let's see...I am continuing with a CD project for a good ole friend...Tim Plake....who is a song machine.  He's written some great tunes and we are still in the process of mixing down some and recording others.  Tim just recently moved south of the Mason Dixon and we are working out the formula for him to record remotely and send the tracks back this way for mixing..  It's going to be a lot of fun.


Also...Carl D & Company was in need of a bassist and having played the fat strings professionally for many years I thought it might be fun to join them...so I did.  We are working on Carl's 2nd CD and plans are to release sometime in 2022.  


Some other exciting news...a group of friends I met on one of my trips to India with Dr Dale Fife...just released one of my latest songs "Worship Is" in their native language...Telugu.  This is a first for me and such a blessing to have something I wrote translated and recorded in a foreign language.  God is so good!  You should check it out if you can.  Here is the You Tube link.  


 English audio version below   You Tube video version COMING SOON!