Latest News

We completed the Carl D CD project, (the 4th CD on the 4th teepee record label), slightly ahead of schedule and had a great release party at Joseph House in Torrington CT back in mid April.  He is a very happy man!  Plans are to record his 2nd CD later this year.  It will be an acoustic centered project.

At present we are working on the debut CD for Tim Plake, a Michiganite who migrated to Connecticut some years back, who is well known for his street ministry to the homeless. 

Also we will be mastering a CD for Fr Jim French out of Albany, New York, which is planned for release later this year. 

Lastly, the BIG news... my wife Elaine and I will celebrate 50 years together in wedded bliss on the 29th of May.




Quigley & Elaine 1971

Whadaya Think???

Below you'll find a song I am currently working on.  Please give it a listen and then join my                                                          email list and post your thoughts and give the song a thumbs up or thumbs down.  I look                                                              forward to hearing from you . Thanks